Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well it’s here, 2013!! Happy New Year!

How did you spend the New Year? Was yours the disappointment people always dread? Did you party the night away or watch the festivities from the comfort of your sofa on the TV?
Personally my New Year’s Eve was shopping during the day and with my partner at night. He is due to leave to go to Africa for a month on the 2nd January so we wanted to see the New Year in together. It started with grilled halloumi cheese and chocolates (heart attack waiting to happen!),

Bucks fizz on the go whilst cooking!

 I made a huge dinner with my famous roast potatoes!!

Followed by desert whist watching the movie Ted and the out came the champers!

Perfect way to enter the New Year! Not smashed out of my face so I don’t remember, not in some horrid club getting pushed and shoved around and paying over the odds for the pleasure, not standing in the cold in the crowds of people in London trying to figure out how on earth to get home! Also I hate how much everything costs! So expensive!! I think they key is not to expect much so that whatever you do is awesome, when people build New Year’s up into this massive thing its always going to be a let-down!  Just close family and friends around, no pressure, still being able to get dolled up, without the drama of how to get home, still good food and drink!!
It was nice to have a very chilled New Years. I knew the next day would be a busy one taking down the Christmas decorations, spring clean to get things back in order,  my partner sorting last minute stuff out for his big trip.  

So after a lot of thinking I have my final New Year’s Resolutions list below!
My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013:

1.       Have my dream trip to New York

2.       Get my kitchen finished ready to officially launch Appleton Bakery

3.       Loose weight (it had to be in the list – I made a start last year and now festive season is officially over I need to get back on track and get the body I want for summer!)

4.       Get healthy – more of an active lifestyle – again links with the above!

5.       Read all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Twilight Saga books finally! (Or just learn to read would be a start as so kindly said by my boyfriend!)

6.       Have my first professional photo shoot done

7.       Leave the country as many times as possible

8.       Have my first ever girls holiday

9.       Do more with my friends/family and make to most of my time off outside of work! I know this one will be hard to measure but I think it’s very important to do more fun things as often as possible!

10.   Keep a job…ha ha! Would be nice to have some luck in the job department this year!

The interesting part is looking back and seeing what you actually do from the list! All of these I am so determined to do so fingers crossed!! I will give updates through the year to let you know how it’s going. As you can see travel is a big one for me! Something I need to do and the more the better!
      What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Would love to hear what you aim to achieve!

Writing this list really does make me think about my ‘Things to Do before I’m 30’ list and of course the ‘Bucket List’. I have done so much already that I wanted to achieve; I’ll have to get writing my lists as of now 2013…stay tuned for updates on these!

So that’s it people, 2012 over and done with and on to 2013. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for the last time and move forward with January and see what this year brings!


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